query for power calculation of AM wave

AM wave is given by (for single tone modulation)
S[SUB]am[/SUB]= V[SUB]c[/SUB]cosw[SUB]c[/SUB]t +mV[SUB]c[/SUB]/2 cos (w[SUB]c[/SUB]+w[SUB]m[/SUB])t + mV[SUB]c[/SUB]/2 cos(w[SUB]c[/SUB]-w[SUB]m[/SUB])t

power=V[SUB]c[/SUB][SUP]2[/SUP]/2+ m[SUP]2[/SUP]V[SUB]c[/SUB][SUP]2[/SUP]/8+m[SUP]2[/SUP]V[SUB]c[/SUB][SUP]2[/SUP]/8

here why do we take the resistance as 1??


  • Sagar07
    This is simply for the sake of simplicity, it has got no specific xplanations..... and whn we consider resistance as 1 ohm, power is called "normalized power"....
  • einstein.pankaj
    thanks sagar
  • Sagar07
    u r welcome...

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