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Quantitative Aptitude 13

A person is standing on a staircase . He walks down 4 steps, up 3 steps, down 6 steps, up 2 steps, up 9 steps, and down 2 steps. Where is he standing in relation to the step on which he started?

A) 2 steps above
B) 1 steps above
C) the same place
D) 1 steps below
E) 4 steps above
Its 2 Steps above.

@Mona: Good going to keep this initiative active. Could you increase the difficulty level .
rishi0922 • Sep 17, 2010
its soooo easy mona, so increase the toughness ......./
Chitti • Mar 21, 2011
Increased difficulty level....

A and B are participating i a 1500 m race. A gives B a lead of 50 m and beats him by 10 m in a 500 m race. If B completes the 1500 m race in 44 minutes, then A finishes the race.....minutes before B.
1) 2 minutes
2) 12 minutes
3) 14 minutes
4) 20 minutes
mathbyvemuri • May 4, 2012
"A gives B a lead of 50 m and beats him by 10 m in a 500 m race"
=> this means, in the same amount of time the distances travelled by A and B are as follows:
distance travelled by A = 500m
distance travelled by B = 450-10 = 440m

=> (Speed of A)/(Speed of B) = 500/440 = 50/44
As the speed and time are inversly proportional for the same amount od distance,
=> (Time taken by A)/(Time taken by B) = 44/50
=> (Time taken by A) = (44/50)(Time taken by B)

This relation holds good for any race, if the speeds of A and B are assuned constant.

"B completes the 1500 m race in 44 minutes"
=> A completes this in = (44/50)*44 = this comes approximately to be 39 minutes
A completes the race 44-39 = 5 minutes before B

Answer is not available in the options, pl check

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