• Instead of getting cured in the hospitals, some people turn sick by entering its premises.The Verge reports that one in 25 hospital patients suffer an infection during their care. The creative minds at the British studio Agency of Device have designed a custom door handle that dispenses hand sanitizer. Called the PullClean, this device is an extraordinary door handle that aims to transform regular handles into sanitizing devices. The developer of Pull Clean, Jake McKnight claims that hospital acquired infections kill 100,000 people in the US each year.


    Let us take a look at how this device works. The device features a blue chamber at the bottom which releases hand sanitizer and it comes with a powerful CountClean software which monitors rate of hand sanitization, amount of sanitizer left in the handle, and when the cartridge should next be changed. Moreover, this data can also be analyzed through a web portal. According to the developers, pre-production prototypes of the handle have been used for a trial in a leading US hospital. The reports claim that the rates of hand sanitizing rose from 22% to 77%. This level of increase would surely have a huge impact on the rates of hospital acquired infections.


    The handle is now in production stage and due to ship later this year. The Agency of Design plans to sell it for around $200. Let’s see if such a device is able to grab the eyeballs and if hospitals, libraries, schools and other places believe that this is the perfect device to make people consistently germ-free.

    Source: #-Link-Snipped-# | Smart door handles could keep you healthier - The Verge
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