11 Jul 2017

project title for marine engineering undergraduate

hello. I'm doing B.Sc Marine Engineering @ Ocean University of Sri Lanka. Now I'm in final year. I'm looking for project titles for my final year project. so please kindly help me.
thank you
11 Jul 2017
Is this an actual experimental project or just a literature survey and review?
How about:"Coral Reef Rehabilitation" as a project?

Linear extension of Acropora formosa (Dana) at selected reef locations in Sri Lanka

You may want to look at solar powered ships:
Six sun-powered ships
15 Jul 2017
Thnak you for your rspond Mr.Ramani. I'm looking for actual design project related to engineering. Please help me.
Thank you
17 Jul 2017
Industrial Internet of Things is assuming great importance for many critical defense and other areas. It can find major application in both commercial and submarine areas of marine engineering. Please see if you can do something in this:
Bringing Industrial Internet to the Edge

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