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engineer_vinay • Apr 24, 2008

programming in C & C++

Hi,can anyone provide me simple way to learning the programming in C & C++. I have no idea about it. Acctually i have to give an written exam for C not practical.

Pls. help......

Thanks in advanced..
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Apr 24, 2008
Simple way to learning C / C++ ? Well do read our Small Talk with Dr. Stroustrup - inventor of C++. He says, start with C++ and then go for C!

So, I'd say the best way to get started is to get a free C++ compiler & a good book (suggestions welcome!) and code away!
prabhat kumar
prabhat kumar • Apr 25, 2008
u go through the basic of 'c' then make program.
friendster7 • Apr 25, 2008
when ever u are learning if u find it difficult to understand do post ur question here we can help u out.
There was a thread on comp.lang.c++ on how to approach learning C++. Read the pointers given by Bjarne Stroustrup @ Stroustrup: newsgroup posting.

Also you will get lots of details for C++ on Bjarne Stroustrup's Homepage.

vissin • Apr 30, 2008
If you ask me then I say the best way to learn programming is to first learn about how to build logic to solve problems. Once you have this problem solving ability any programming language is nothing more than just a tool that let you do it. You may start with C or C++ or any other language (I started with Pascal... and that served me real well. Assembly helped a lot too).

Just remember one tip: Don't get so engaged in the language that programming takes the back seat.
SAI008 • Apr 30, 2008
To learn programming in C u can use LET US C by yashwant kanetkar and during ur study try to execute programs in different way other that mentioned in the book and u will get perfect in C and then go for C++
devesh • May 15, 2008
iI you want to learn then the very best way is to first learn the logic of making programs.Remember, if your logic is good i.e if you are able to think how we can get the output then the problem is solved then and there only.
Only the syntax part remains there and that you will learn by practice.

And one more thing that will really hep you is that first try to learn C++ and then C as C is bit more complicated in terms of syntaxs and commands in comparison to C++.
Remember if you are able to create the logic then you can create programs in any language......

Book for C---->Exploring C by yashwant can carve a master out of you if are able to grasp(&understand!) this book.
priyadarshi • Jun 12, 2008
and as the big K said get a compiler first with the book and try to build programs that will increase the capability to dry run and to think about the logic
suvendu4urs • Jun 17, 2008
i think for learning c no book is necessary .if u are a kind of thinking personality then u will be a master in c.really speaking for laerning c it took me around 1 year to know the basic concept only which is nothing but 10% of c .i its better u always keep some book with u for taaking the chapter name and search taht chpater in the then u will come to know so many things.
and personally i will say dont forget to read PADAM REDDY book for master in DATA STRUCTURE.
and for c DENNIS RITCHIE IS the best one

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