Problem with programming-scheme

I'm taking Information Processing class and I have a problem with one question.Someone PLEASE write out the scheme for me,plz.
Here goes the question.

binary.binary search tree related

Binary tree is defined as constitutive, as defined below.
Constructive definition:
[1] empty is binary tree.
[2]When a subtree with a clause is represented by valnode structure,
If the right part of the subtree and the left part of the subtree are both a binary tree,then it is a binary tree.

[a]the value of the node (value) is less than the values ​​contained in the left subtree.
the value of the node (value) is greater than the values ​​contained in the right subtree

the above are the conditions.

Define a function that determines the binary search tree.
Enter the several appropriate tree and determine wether they can be correctly determined.
The report includes test input data and the reason for putting the data.

;; BinSearchTree? : any -> boolean
;; (define (BinSearchTree? a-tree) ... )


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