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@SHIVAJIKARNATAKA • 14 Aug, 2012 • 1 like
now i am in final year student some componies are coming to my collage to give details and to clear our doubts regarding the compony.i would like to know about what are the questions we need to ask during preplacement which would helpfull in future?
@Neeraj Sharma • 19 Aug, 2012 I dont think this is an apt question to be asking others. You should know what you are looking at. You must be aware of what kind of work you want to do and if you have a clear mindset about that then you will be able to get numerous questions and doubts popping up in your mind. All the best
@Kaustubh Katdare • 19 Aug, 2012 • 1 like Good that you asked this question. We had a discussion about this in the past: -

Questions you should ask to campus recruitment teams:

and a similar one:
Questions you should ask to interviewers! [Tips for Fresh Graduates]

Most of the companies would speak about - their turnover, their campuses, social activities before coming to the most 'important' slide; the 'package'. The candidates think that they are the 'beggars' and therefore they don't have a choice. Also, asking questions is treated as a 'way of showing lack of knowledge'. I think that needs to be changed.

The general rule of thumb should be to know what 'you will get' and what 'they expect'. Your questions can be based around those topics. For example, you may ask questions like -
  1. Could you tell us about the kind of projects your company works on? If it's a products company, then you may ask for what kind of work do engineers do on these products.
  2. Ask about the appraisal system - which is a review mechanism that evaluates candidates based on their performance. Ask how engineers' work is reviewed in the organisation.
  3. Ask about the various types of training that company provides to its employees.
  4. Ask about team's own experience of working in the companies. The things they loved the most and things they thought could be done better.
  5. Ask about their expectations from new recruits?
...and so on. It helps a LOT if you could read the employer's website thoroughly and list out questions. I did that when I was looking for a job. It helped me to be genuinely interested in the company I was applying to.
@Ankita Katdare • 31 Aug, 2015 Here are my further two cents -

Most students in my batch felt that - you don't need to ask a question if you don't have one. Asking questions does not improve your chances of getting the job.
However, I know one guy who would shamelessly raise a hand every time a speaker in the room asked, "Any questions?" In fact, he was famous for it.
Now what really made him stand out was not the fact that he asked the questions, but that he would always come up with a very-relevant-to-the-topic/situation question.
I assume he would be taking notes when the speaker was delivering a talk.

Questions written above by @Kaustubh Katdare are a great starting point for your line of thoughts. Don't ask questions because you have to. Have genuine curiosity about what the pre-placement management authorities have to say. (At times, I've seen that these people (who are mostly from the HR department) purposely leave out some topics midway and leave scope for students to ask questions. This is also done so that they can have the audience's full attention. Purposefully or not, you do need to keep an eye for loose ends and figure out if that information can be crucial for you in the recruitment process or the initial days in the company.

I hate to see that whenever there's a company arriving in campus for placements, there are a lot of rumours among students about what the recruitment process is going to be like, what the company's work culture is, what kind of career growth employees have and the like. It's best to not depend on rumours and hearsay. Ask what you want to know. Genuine curiosity will always be appreciated.

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