Power Supply 40v 2a


I went to design a 40V 2A power supply to run 3 stepper motor 3A.
i used L298 to deal with motor, the max volt can drive is 50V with 2A " i get this from datasheet L298 is this right? ".

so i went to design this power supply with regulator .


    Designing 40V DC is not easy and it is very costly i want to make A single linear requlator is not there to give 40V, so you have to connect it in series like from 12v transformers 7412 to series with other 7812 requlator...and maximum current of 78xx is 1amps so, an addiditional transistor will be required to pump the current to 2amps ......
    You can use switching regulator which best, but i have no idea how to design it..!!

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