Polaris placement papers and selection process

Placement Questions:

1) void main( )
int i;
a) 2 b) 3 c) garbage value. d)none of these.
Ans : b)3.
2) void main( )
int i;
How many times does the loop executes
a) 10 b) 0 c)100 d)Infinite
Ans : b)0
3) void main( )
int i;
How many times does the loop executes
a) 10 b) 0 c)100 d)Infinite
Ans : d)infinite
4) void main( )
char c[ ]=cdef;
printf(%d %d,sizeof( c ),strlen( c ));
a) 5 4 b) 4 5 c)2 5 d) none of these
Ans:a) 5 4
5) Local Variables will get stored in ____________.
a) Stack b) Queue c) Register d) All the above.
Ans:b) Queue(not sure)
6)Register variables are stored in _________ .
a)Heap b)CPU Register c) d)None
Ans : b) CPU Rgister
7) Program code is stored in_______________
a)Heap b)CPU Register c) d)None
Ans : a)Heap(not sure)
8 )Which of the following interrupts has the highest
a)RS6 b)RS7 c)INT d)Trap
9)What does Microprocessor does when it encounters an non maskable interrupt______________
a)Finishes the current executing instruction and then serves theinterrupt.
b) Finishes the current executing task and then serves the interrupt.
c)Serves the interrupt at once.
d)none of the above
Ans : a)Finishes the current executing instruction and then serves the interrupt.
10)The storage type used by micro processor is________________
a)LIFO b)FIFO c)Uses Both alternatively d)none.
Ans : a)LIFO.
11)Using of ___________ clocking circuit is asvantageous in terms of usage of power.
a)Oscillaor b)Crystal c) d)none
Ans : b)Crystal
12)Busses in Microprocessor Does which of the following job(s)
a)Carrys the data.
b)Carrys the address.
c)Carrys the control signal.
d)All the above.
Ans : d)All the above.
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  • Reya
    Placement pattern:

    Written test(Fully aptitude or technical)
    Interview(HR and technical)

    If it is aptitude,three sections consists of analytical,verbal,Quans)
    If it is technical(most of the questions were asked from Microprocessor)

    You can also expect questions from c,c++ for written test.

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