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crazytechie • Feb 26, 2008

plzzzz help: Computer asks to choose a program while opening a drive

every time i try openin any of da askd 2 choose a program to open it with!! not able 2 xplore also....
friendster7 • Feb 27, 2008
Re: plzzzz help

ur system might be infected with virus..i guess..try installing Xp once again..
night crawler
night crawler • Feb 27, 2008
Re: plzzzz help

format ur comp. & reinstall the operating system
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Feb 27, 2008
Re: plzzzz help

Good to see your responses, friends. Please avoid using sms text while posting on CE Forums. Go through Quick Start Guide (Link in my signature) and 'About CE' on our front page at Welcome to the world of Crazy Engineers!
mahul • Feb 27, 2008
just restore your system to an earlier date when everything was well and fine. and if this did not happen because u fiddled a little with ur system, it is probably because of some virus, so it will recur(assuming everything turns out fine after u restore), try cleaning it up with some good antivirus. do keep us posted.
MaRo • Feb 27, 2008
OK, I don't think Reinstalling or formatting is a good Idea.

There is a small program can remove it all, but i don't have it right now

Don't REINSTALL or FORMAT just wait, I'll get it here.
soul_hacker • Apr 10, 2008
Well this problem is mainly due to your Autorun.inf file may have got currupted or virus.
To access ur drive go to run and type the drive lettrer. You will be able to open the drive.
Try copying the autorun.inf from other pc to ur pc.
Other wise u can create it urself..Refer to web.
arunbasillal • Jul 6, 2008
No, This is not Virus. Just right click on the drive and select open. Then type in the address bar Autorun.inf so that the address reads C:\Autorun.inf replacing C by the letter of the infected Drive. If that file opens you have found your problem.
To remove this take command prompt ( Start menu >> Run >> Type cmd and press enter ). I hope this problem is not in your C drive. Let it be in D drive. So type D: and press enter in the command prompt.
Now your address in the command prompt will read D:\>.
Type ' del autorun.inf ' without quotes and press enter.
If the problem still persists, just tell me..ok

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