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Guneet Khanuja
Guneet Khanuja • Oct 21, 2011

Pavegen Tiles - Now Generate Electricity From Footsteps!

New method to harvest kinetic energy has been developed by the director of Pavegen Systems, Laurence Kembell, by utilizing the footsteps of a person. The model is named as the “Pavegen tiles”. The method makes use of human steps that are placed on the Pavegen tiles. These tiles are made up of low carbon content. This concept is gaining good amount of attention as it proves to be ever available source of energy.


From this method, electricity could be generated from the footsteps of the people. This electricity could be stored in a battery manufactured from lithium polymer. It can also be used directly for applications that require less wattage and low power like street lightning, speakers, alarms, signs and advertising.

Mechanism: whenever a person would step on the Pavegen tile, it would automatically bring an illumination, and thus that person is now capable of producing electricity by making use of the kinetic energy in his footsteps. The maximum capacity of the tiles is to generate 2.1 watts of electricity per hour.


One more benefit of this concept is the self illumination of the pedestrian crossing as every time every person steps on the Pavegen tile, it illuminates automatically, generating light. These tiles are eco – friendly. They are made up of 100 percent recycled materials, mostly making use of rubber and some content of marine grade stainless steel. The tiles are designed waterproof and can withstand outdoor conditions and pressure. These tiles are presently being tested in East London. The tiles have been efficiently installed in a school corridor and are being tested and monitored there. Each step has a life of approximately 20 million steps in a period of 5 years. The first order for the tiles has already been placed for the London 2012 Olympic Site to form the crossing path between the Olympic stadium and the Westfield Stratford City Shopping Center.

Source: Gizmag

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