Operating system concepts

what is difference between threads and child processes and light weight processes?

p.s. i have referred to two books by tanenbaum and i have found contradictory answers. thats why i am asking here!!


  • xheavenlyx
    Could you also write the answers you saw in the other two books? That would be nice to refer here and correct which ever is wrong or explain both. 😀
  • djnachi
    Hi Simple,

    Your query will be surely solved by the following books:

    1.Operating Systems Concepts - Silberschatz Galvin
    2.Operating Systems - Achyut S. Godbole

    Dj Nachi.😛
  • freakinengg
    Cmn Man...
    Its Simple...
    Threads Re Defined As Lightweight Processes...
    Nway Refer Gd Books..
    Try Pearson Edition Books..
  • simple
    Its not that simple....

    Kernel-supported threads fall into two classes.
    • In a "pure" kernel-supported system, the kernel is responsible for scheduling all threads.
    • Systems in which the kernel cooperates with a user-level library to do scheduling are known as two-level, or hybrid, systems. Typically, the kernel schedules LWPs, and the user-level library schedules threads onto LWPs.
    This is why i was confused....
    thanks anyways!! c ya!!
    hey every body-i am going to interfacing a single led through parallel port .can any one tell me how it interface....
  • xheavenlyx
    Ahad Khan, search our forums and google, we have a good tutorial here.
    thanx xheavenlyx,but i could not find the functioning of operating system in interfacing- moreover why we prefer windows-98 in interfacing.In window-xp we can not access parallel port directly, if so then why... i need perfect help!
    plz xheavenlyx,i am waiting ...reply please!

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