Nissan Patrol breaks 7 year record of VW

Its non other than Nissan locking horns all over the world that it outbeats the record of VW toureg for pulling a cargoplane.
Yes this was officially declared by Guiness World Records that Nissan Patrol succeded VW Toureg for pulling a cargoplane of 170ton (Ilyushin Il-76).This Nissan Patrol was a unmodified car powered with 5.6-liter V8 petrol
engine which features all wheel
drive as standard. With a 6-speed manual, this engine produces 320bhp and 521Nm of torque, and with a 7-speed automatic the figures stand at 400bhp and 560Nm.
Torque production is astronishing and making it a real curtain raiser. in 2006, VW’s V10 TDI Touareg pulled a 155 ton Boeing 747 upto 150 metres.Though nissan pulled it for 50metres it was officially taken into record.
Whats your view on this record?

For viewing recorded video check following link:


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