• Matthew Attenborough

    Matthew Attenborough

    MemberMar 19, 2014

    NiceDice - Swiss Army Knife for Cameramen and Photographers

    Ken S. submitted a new project:

    #-Link-Snipped-# - This tool helps cameramen and photographers overcome incompatibility issues of their gear.

    We came up with an innovative clamping system, which is compact, tool-free and modular. The structure of the 'NiceDice' allows not only for clamping forces, but also for spreading forces. The NiceDice is compatible with 15mm rods (standard in the film and photo industry). The spreading and clamping forces allow for an absolutely solid grip on the rod, by just bolting the NiceDice-screw in the other hole of the NiceDice, without using any tools! This offers major benefits for the film- and photo...
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