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New Updates To Google Drive Make File Organization Easier

We have all used Google Drive, the file storage and synchronisation service by Google, at some point of time or other. But if you are a regular user, you might have noticed that the file manager in the drive isn’t as efficient as you’d expect it to be. In fact, because of the lack of the file managing capabilities, lots of people are shifting on Box, which is another file and content management service for businesses. However, Google has now introduced some substantial changes in its file management system which should be appealing to current as well as new users.

If you are browsing through the files and your files are not added to the drive, all you have to do is just click on file and you will find an ‘Add to My Drive’ option in toolbar, an option that was previously missing in the Drive. If your files are already added to the drive and you want to move them to a separate folder, you will find a ‘Move’ icon on toolbar after you click the file.


If you are just previewing a file and wish to add the same in some folder of the drive, you don’t have to upload the file separately. Now, after clicking the ‘Add to My Drive’ icon on the toolbar, you will find an option called ‘Organize’ which will allow you save the file in the folder of your choice on the drive


If you are looking for a file and find it in the ‘Search Drive’ results, you can drag and drop the file into the folders of you drive which you’d see at the left hand side of the window.


Yes, these are the basic functionality you’d expect from a file manager and yes they were earlier missing from the Drive. While some people are happy with the changes that Google Drive is offering, some are unhappy with the yet missing features like sorting files as per file size. Apparently, it is one of the reasons that people are moving to Box.

It is not that Box doesn’t lack any features but currently, it is the only service that provides most of those. However, in this ever changing world of technology, you never know from where and when the next best thing might come up from.

Source: Google Drive Blog

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