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@Kaustubh Katdare • 03 Jun, 2014 • 1 like
The Indian Institute Of Technology at Kanpur (IIT-K) unveiled a new supercomputer yesterday. Ranked at [HASHTAG]#130[/HASHTAG] in the list of global top 500 supercomputers, IIT-Kanpur spent about Rs. 48 crore in acquiring the big machine. The computer was assembled by a team of engineers headed by IITK's deputy director Mr. S.C. Shrivastava and officially unveiled by him along with Prof. Ashish Dutta, head of the computing centre. Shrivastava claimed that the supercomputer can operate at a peak performance of 307.2 Terra Flops (TF) and a realised performance of about 249 TF.

The overall plan is to use the supercomputer in various research projects. It'd help in efficient collection of data and has proven to be successful in complex mathematical simulations. The aerospace engineering department at IIT-K plans to use the machine to study the airflow around the aircrafts and also in researching the latest aero-designs. Another team of researchers at IIT plans to use the machine to develop the most scientific agri-forecasting system by studying the weather patterns in India.


One of the computer scientists at the institute pointed out that the supercomputer may help design and develop one of the best and most efficient pacemaker in the world by allowing them to study the heartbeats of the person suffering from cardiac disease.

We'd like to request our fellow CEans from IIT-K to tell us more about the supercomputer and how they plan to use it.

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