New project idea for CS/IT final year engineering students

Here's one project idea on my mind -

A service that will allow me to store all my mobile phone-book online and share my contacts with people I authorize. I should be able to update my online phone by sending contact information by SMS or through simple CSV export.

My mobile phone-book should sync with online phone-book so that if any of my friend changes his/her phone number, it should automatically get updated in my mobile phone book.

Okay, now you have an idea. Go develop the service as your engineering project and then share it with all of us here. [​IMG]


  • waime
    I am taking part as a web developer.
    Now, I am trying to export the data from the table as a CSV format and PDF format.
    I would like to use the jQurey and JavaScript language.
    Please give me some suggestion.
    Thanks and regards,
    Wai Me

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