New concept for auxiliary steam in power plant design.

In a 150 MW turbine ,instead of reducing main steam pressure directly to auxiliary steam pressure requirement, it is derived after HP turbine bypass i.e. from CRH(cold reheat).This is two stage reduction.First in HP bypass valve then in orifice or pressure reducing & throttling valve.What are advantages or disadvantages of this system?


  • rebellionofrebel
    The requirements of Aux steam in any process plant/power plant is dictated by its pressure and temp requirements along with the steam mass flow reqt. If you use the main inlet steam as auxiliary steam you lose on heat, pressure temp loss, along with the fact that you will not meet hte requirement for the process.
    THe reqmt dictates to use steam after passing it through the HP turbine for getting steam at a reduced press , temp and necessary mass flow which is what auxiliary header must have .
  • akpower
    I wanted to know why the two stage reduction? Requirement of auxiliary steam in quality & quantity are alredy calculated. For startup purpose, if aux. steam is required then CRH steam is of no use.It will require only single stage reduction from main steam. Still some designer prefer two stage reduction.What are disadvantages?
  • Abhilash T Anto
    Abhilash T Anto
    dis ad... low steam quality..
  • Abhilash T Anto
    Abhilash T Anto
    dis ad... low steam quality..

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