Network Security

Hey Ceans,
Am looking for Project ideas for my final year project in Network security/wireless sensor networks..
Am in final year B.E[IT]..I need to submit my project synopsis in couple of days..
Please reply asap...
Thank you...


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Have you thought of any ideas on your own?
  • manubhat
    Have you thought of any ideas on your own?
    Thank you for approving the thread.

    I have couple of ideas in my mind.
    1.Nymble: Blocking Misbehaving Users in Anonymizing Networks.
    2.Intrusion detection in wireless sensor networks.

    The main problem is,
    I need to know the difficulty in implementing these ideas before i decide on my project as we don't have good guides in college.
  • Sachin Jain
    Sachin Jain
    Well you can also do "Detection of fake DHCP server on a network"
    It is still a problem upto my knowledge.
  • manubhat
    I tried Googling on the above topic.. but couldn't get proper information.
    I request everyone here to pour in their ideas and post some topics in Networks..Come on Crazy engineers.. 😀
  • Rahul Jamgade
    Rahul Jamgade
    Here are few ideas,

    1. Protecting network sniffing on corporate / company networks.
    2. Protecting network from footprinting/reconnaissance.
    3. Web Application attacks and countermeasures.
    4. Trojans and Backdoor Access to networks.
  • manubhat
    I have decided on my project and posted in the below thread..

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