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need media plalyer source code in java....

can somebody provide me
source code of media player in java
i need to submit as my project and i have no lead
so if any one can
then please help
This was my MCA FY Project it will help you

   import java.awt.*;
  import java.applet.*;
  public class soundApplet extends Applet
              List lst;
              Button Play,Stop,Loop;
              AudioClip au;
              public void init()
                          setLayout (new GridLayout());
                          Panel listPanel = new Panel();
                          Panel buttonPanel = new Panel();
                                      add ("Center", listPanel);
                                      add ("Left", buttonPanel);
                          listPanel.setLayout (new GridLayout());
                                      lst = new List();
                                         lst.addItem ("intel54");
                                      lst.addItem ("Windows XP Startup");
                                      lst.addItem ("Windows XP Shutdown");
                                      lst.addItem ("hi");
                                      lst.addItem ("notify");
                          listPanel.add ("Center", lst);
                          Play = new Button ("Play");
                                      buttonPanel.add (Play);
                          Stop = new Button ("Stop");
                                      buttonPanel.add (Stop);
                          Loop = new Button ("Loop");
                                      buttonPanel.add (Loop);
              public boolean action (Event evt, Object obj)
                          String strSelection = lst.getSelectedItem() + ".au";
                          URL codeBase = getCodeBase();
                          au = getAudioClip (codeBase, strSelection);
                          if ( == Play)
                          if ( == Stop)
                          if ( == Loop)
                                      return true;
For HTML page

   Sound Applet 

Sound Applet

thanks mahesh...
oldboy1985 • Nov 19, 2009
i also needed that one

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