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What the.. I did a search for "basketball" on this forum, only my introduction thread came out! 😛

Who watches the NBA here? What team do you support? Me support Houston Rockets! Can't wait for the next season to start 😁
rosh009 • Aug 1, 2007
yup! one more fan of nba here! die-hard fan of LA lakers but with recent performance of SAspurs has spurred me to partially shift support to them also!:hehehe:
but hoping to see lakers come back with a bang this season!😁
Ashraf HZ
Ashraf HZ • Aug 1, 2007
cool! yeah, Spurs is pretty good. But they havent done much significant offseason trades. Rockets, on the other hand, have 😁

Kobe is staying in Lakers yea? 😉

Found my old thread! Haha.. now that we have a lot more members, tell us who you are currently supporting in the NBA!

Houston Rockets are doing pretty well, even without T-Mac. I'm also impressed by Cav's consistency to lead the league 😀 They are a likable team.. compared to Jazz and Mavs! (sorry if you are a fan of them 😉 )

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