14 Apr 2018

Nanomachines for building structures

Hi, I am trying to come up with a theoretical design of a nanomachine that can take materials in the area and use them to build simple structures.
14 Apr 2018
What sort of structures? Nano bots are typically 50 nm in size. Even a swarm of them cannot build much of a structure. They are mostly being tried for drug delivery, cancer treatment and such biomedical applications.
14 Apr 2018
I was thinking of possibly using it to build structures on the nano or micro scale. For example carbon nanotubes or graphene transistors. I'm just not sure of how they would dissassemble materials then move the atoms to assemble them in new locations.
14 Apr 2018
Some background info is available here does indicate that these can build tiny electronic circuits:
Nanobots - Uses in Medicine and Industry - Engineering and Drawbacks
An interesting application here:
Could nanobots make your electronics last FOREVER? | Daily Mail Online

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