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Ritika Sharma
Ritika Sharma • Dec 8, 2015

Multiple Pathways... need advice

Hello everyone !! I'm a 3rd year engineering student from electronics and communication trade. The most difficult question for me from a great while is which career I want for me. So I end up here may be I got to find a relevent answer. Firstly I want to tell about my own views
I want to have a job after completion of my graduation. The difficulty is that I'm unable to find out what kind of job??
Personally I'm thinking about going for research in foreign. I kind of ponder a lot on many ideas in the innovation . i have ideas but there are many fields these innovations cover. So what I need to do for this??
2nd) During my graduation till now I haven't been able to take any official training except I had done course in c++ and am learning java basic on my own.
So what I want to ask is that whether i have enough time to take a training in VLSI and embedded both?? I have holidays in whole January so may be I can pursue one.
But if it would be helpful??. Cause I need to enhance my technical skill for a base.

Now the next question is more confusing.
What if I prepare for govt job and meanwhile prepare for my further studies or research.
You are just a one among so many confused engineers who doesn't know what to do after graduation,coming to your questions
1. For studying in foreign you should prepare for GRE.Either you can opt for GATE.
2.Since you are from EC it would be better that you should develope your skills in MATLAB and if you want to do any certification course then Embedded System is a better choice which can help you to land up a good job.
All the Best For Ur career.
Ritika Sharma
Ritika Sharma • Dec 8, 2015
Thank you sir !! I have one more query . The training we do generally start with 8085 microprocessor. What is the latest one i can do? I know it is basic but I still want to know.
Ritika Sharma
Ritika Sharma • Dec 8, 2015
Oh and yes my mind's typo as i was reading about 8085 in computer architecture( a subject in my course).
8051 it is....

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