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preeste • Nov 28, 2007

Mplab!!!! Help!!!!

hi there peeps

I need some help urgently....i am trying to program a pic16F877 using MPLAB v5.70.40. I have an ICD1? how do i go about doing this....i have the c-code done, i have complied and build the project with mo errors...whats the next step?

help please.....confused😔
Hm, I've never used an ICD before. Im not too familiar with MPLAB too cause I've used another compiler.. though I believe MPLAB is a kick ass program anyway. Does the ICD have an ICSP function to flash the PIC? If you have sucessfully compiled the c code, you should be able to find it's HEX file. All you need to do is download (or is it upload?) this into you PIC. Try looking through the manual of MPLAB v5.40 to see the instructions, since only this version is compatible with the ICD1, right?
preeste • Dec 5, 2007
hey....sory for the delay...yeah thats right...mplab v5 is the only one that supports the icd1. i could find the hex file, the problem though is once its downloaded you cannot actually hit the run was all really weird...going to leave it for a while though....really busy at work.

Ash i need to thank you once again for all your really was priceless and i cant ever tell you how helpful it was.

this site rocks!!!!!
Ashraf HZ
Ashraf HZ • Dec 5, 2007
No problemo.. glad to help! Well, usually once you download the HEX, the code will run immediately. It was quite a revelation to me when we tested our motors.. the robot almost drove off the table, tangling the serial cable attached to it, haha.
preeste • Dec 6, 2007
that must have been a great feeling....well tons better than just gawking at your motor hopin it would move if you stared hard enough! .....anyways later

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