Most Useful & Powerful Features of Google

Google has many special features to help us to find exactly what we are looking for.The popular features are:

Simple Math
#-Link-Snipped-# Conversion
Current time in any city
Unit Conversion
Spell checking

The search engine has built-in #-Link-Snipped-# function, simply enter the calculation you'd like done into the search box and hit the Enter key.


Here's how we can convert currency - just type the query xxx USD in INR in the search box, press enter and the results are right there in just one click - that's it.


A very simple and quick method to find the current local time in any city or country is via #-Link-Snipped-# - just type time in City in search box to instantly know the local time of any #-Link-Snipped-# location.


The Google's built-in calculator can also solve units of measure and conversions, and physical constants.



  • Ashraf HZ
    Ashraf HZ
    Thanks for that! Here are some more for those interested:

    For me, I think the "define" feature is quite useful 😀

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