Mobile Testing: Simulators or Actual device

Mobile is the next biggest thing is the software market and already more than 60% of the big business is drifting towards mobile. This makes the mobile testing of the utmost importance.

FOr doing mobile testing what do you think, which is a better way, using simulators or using device?
Let me ponder over few points:

Using Simulators -
Testing will be faster
A tester need not be a touch device geek
Easy to take screenshots and report defects
debug anything on actual base platform while doing testing for mobile

Using Device -
Real Time testing for networks
Real time testing for the features that can't be done on simulators
gesture, touch, tilt related testing

I have given just a few examples, now can you add some more to this, to help us decide that which one is a better solution for mobile testing?



  • Nayan Goenka
    Nayan Goenka
    In order to determine what to use, Sims or Live for testing purpose, it completely depends on what you are testing. If you are testing software like apps or kernel/OS upgrades or anything else, Sims are better. They help you to improve your bugs/errors/changes right away. If you are going for hardware testing, like you already mentioned, touch, sensors or cameras, LED, display, flash or speakers/mic, live is better. It will actually give accurate result since it will what the device will actually output. Sound/Display depends a lot on the make and body of the device and so does other stuff. You need to test it live.

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