Mobile Boarding Passes For Airlines In India

There's a news that Indian Airlines all public and private will allow boarding passes based on text messages from the airline companies. Do you welcome this move or think it would pose security issues? Share your opinion below.


  • silverscorpion
    I don't know how it's going to be implemented, but I think security issues are bound to come up in this scheme.

    But I think a large portion of the risk can be mitigated if we use the right cryptographic tools.
    For example, instead of just sending a person's name and the flight number or whatever other details that are required,
    the airlines can also include some sort of a hash or a code in the sms.

    At the time of boarding the flight, some device can be used to verify if the hash or the code in the sms is correct or not.

    Anyway, I sure hope the people who implement this would surely have taken into consideration the security aspects of this as well.

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