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wl1339 • Jan 25, 2010

Mobile Assembly Robot

I need some helps and some suggestion regarding to this task. The objective of the task are:

1. To design and build an autonomous mobile robot that will collect one
peg from a box at a time. (The box is to have a random combination of
circular pegs, rectangular pegs and star shape pegs).

2. This pegs will then be place out from the box one at a time and placed
into their respective holes.

3. There should be no room for error, thus this system requires robust
error recovery.

1. How to detect the peg shape?
2. What sensor is the best for the detection?
3. How much will this task cost? (estimation)

Any suggestions regarding the task are welcome.
So my first question!

You want to instruct the robot to pick one shape of peg correct?

When you instruct what is the mode of instruction?

If it is through computer then you can scan the shape of the image using laser sensors and you should have already declared those shapes as rectangle , circle etc!!

Such that on instructing it would scan and do it!

I guess you would need a micro - controller and a computer for this task!
wl1339 • Jan 25, 2010

Yup... the robot need to pick up a peg from box and recognize what shape is it. But I'm totally no idea on how to recognize shape. If the computer can make the recognition, what method should i used? How to implement of laser sensor and computer for recognition? Or can introduce any tutorial page regarding to this?? This is my FYP title.

Thanks ya....

Best regards.

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