Mini project topics in C++

I'm looking for mini project topics in C++ for my engineering project. Our professor has asked us to find out topics in system programming and graphics. I'd appreciate your inputs.


  • Sunu
    i want mini project topics in c++
    System Programming:
    1) Create a speech recognition application
    2) Create a pattern recognition application
    3) Create an FTP client with possible number of command support

    1) Create a paint brush application
    2) Create a tectrics game
    3) A bow and arrow game will be good deal
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Good collection of project ideas, Sunu! 😀

    I guess we should compile all these ideas in one post. What say?
  • jansindhu222
    am an it student...
    i need some good mini project topics...
  • sumith123
    i want mini project topics in c++
    i suggest you make some puzzles using C++ or make a bank management system
    i hope model source code available in projectheaven..

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