Microsoft OneNote for Mac Jam-Packed With New Features

Owing to the demand by OneNote users on various other platforms, the OneNote app has now been made available on the Mac OS. In a recent post on the Office Blog, the OneNote team pointed out that the application would now be available on all platforms, for free. In addition, it has also introduced a number of new features to simplify note-taking such as the OneNote Clipper, Office Lens and the provision to email new notes to OneNote.

A cloud API has been introduced into the application, which enables external applications to interface with the OneNote app. This allows browsers to integrate with the app using the OneNote clipper. This feature, when enabled, allows the user to save web-pages by selecting the “Clip to OneNote” option. The web-page is then saved to the Quick Notes section of the default notebook on OneDrive. Blogs and news articles can also be sent to OneNote from RSS readers like Feedly, News360 and Weave. OneNote also integrates with scanners of Epson, Brother, Doxie Go and Neat.

Office Lens is a new application that has been launched in the Windows Phone Store. Using Office Lens, a captured photo is enhanced and automatically syncs it to OneNote. The printed text which is present in the photo is recognized by OneNote on a PC with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and the text can be edited, copied and pasted in emails and documents. Office Lens provides three modes for capturing images and to enhance them. The Whiteboard mode gets rid of the glare and shadows that is caused due to excess of light in the image. The Document mode improves the text clarity and makes it easier to read. The Photo mode enables the user to capture images of people and various sceneries. All in all, the Office Lens offers Windows Phone users to enhance the captured images, allows the user to integrate these images with OneNote and makes them available to all platforms.


Another big step taken by the OneNote Team is the introduction of a feature to make it easy to get content into OneNote, by using #-Link-Snipped-#. After confirming the email addresses from which you would like OneNote to receive and accept mails, a note or a list can be added to the Quick Notes section by sending an email to #-Link-Snipped-#.

While the basic features are available for free, across all the popular platforms, a few premium features are available at a price. In addition, OneNote users receive 7 GB Microsoft OneDrive storage memory. With the release of OneNote for the Mac OS and with the introduction of these new features Microsoft has enhanced the note-making app and can now give a tough competition to other note-taking apps like Evernote and Google Keep.

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