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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jan 7, 2014

Michael Bay has actually helped Samsung get more publicity!

Everyone saw how Michael Bay walked off the stage because the teleprompter went on and off - and he couldn't think of the lines to speak at introduction of 105" Ultra HDTV at CES. Here's what happened -

But I'm thinking, Michael Bay has actually helped Samsung get more publicity than any damn live show done at CES. Almost every news portal and tech blog is talking about what happened at the CES, generating more curiosity for the whole show and in-turn helping Samsung popularise their UHDTV.

Any publicity is a good publicity. Say what you?
Yes, it might be true. Tech blogs (who attend the event) tend to cram in as much product launches as possible from a single keynote speech in one article to make sure that the news can be spread quickly but for Michael Bay’s appearance they devoted an entire full length article on their websites. The event also managed to grab eyeballs of Hollywood reporters and help spread the news about the Samsung event.
But I sympathise with Mr. Bay as he is the man who likes to stay behind the camera for most time and his public appearance was made an arduous one due to the faulty teleprompter.
micheal john
micheal john • Jan 8, 2014
He just forgot his lines😨

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