Mercedes Benz "Magic Body Control" - Dynamic Suspension System

Stumbled upon the following video that talks about Mercedes Benz magic body control - a dynamic suspension system that hopes to redefine the 'smoothness' of travel (in Mercedes Benz S Class). I quite liked the idea of scanning the road and then adjusting the suspension systems.

I've two questions -

  1. How do the dynamic suspension systems work to compensate for the jerks? (PS: Checked a few sites but would need a brief and to the point explanation)
  2. What type of sensors do they use to scan the roads? The video talks about stereo cameras - would like to have someone talk about them.
Looking forward to your responses.


  • Anoop Kumar
    Anoop Kumar
    stereo cameras : more than two lenses in single camera. You can say 3D camera basic functionality. Since two lenses are at some distance so processor can measurement the height and depth using image captured by both cameras.
    here is a video I found about stereo camera.
    For 3D functionality, we just need to use red and blue filter and merge them to get 3D effect.

    It take practice to see stereo-graphic images. I tried several times but ended up with hurting eyes😕
  • Subodh Kolhe
    Subodh Kolhe
  • Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    (What I had observed from the video)
    The stereo cameras help in scanning the road surface which is 15 metres in front of the vehicle and these cameras also scans the height of the obstacle in front of the vehicle .By combining these data, the control unit make decisions on the suspension to be used and it implement the change needed.So it adjusts the correct values to get better comfort for the passengers.Mercedes-Benz-Active-Body-Control
    The following link may answer your question:

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