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vegbruiser • Apr 16, 2009

Mechanical Design aids

Hi folks,
I was wondering if any of you guys use any low-tech solutions to aid in building mechanisms etc?

The reason I ask is that after reading an article in Develop3d magazine about Bang & Olufsen and how they build prototypes using Lego I hit upon the idea of using a set (or sets) of Lego to aid us with our latest project which we've had a really hard time visualising. The mechanism we've been asked to produce (which is based on this) would be easily recreated using Lego (I think)

Does anybody else use Lego in this way?
raj87verma88 • Apr 16, 2009
Yes, Lego is are good for making prototypes and for visualizing.

Our Moderator Ash had used Lego for creating a model of how our CE-Bot project may look like.
gohm • Apr 16, 2009
Who says Lego is low tech? =) laugh. I always like low tech
well there are traditional methods of medelling too,i dont know wheather they are simpler than lego!!

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