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Materials engineers continue to be at the forefront in many areas of science. Materials science and engineering influences our lives each time we buy or use a new device, machine, or structure. Understanding the relationships between properties, structure, processing and performance makes the Materials Engineer the master of the engineering universe.

Here is a list of project ideas based on 'Materials Engineering'. Students belonging to third year or final year can use these projects as mini-projects as well as mega-projects. This list has been complied after referring to the project ideas that have come across the forum since last few years.

If you have questions regarding these projects feel free to ask them in the replies below. You may also ask for abstract of a project idea that you have or want to work on.

• Understanding the relationships between properties, structure, processing and performance makes the Materials Engineer the master of the engineering universe
• Analysis of Fillet Weld Residual stresses
• Creep Embrittlement in Nickel Superalloy
• Development of Vector Tomography Algorithms for 3D Imaging of Local Crystallographic Structures
• The Development and Application of Advanced Experimental Techniques for Neutron and Synchrotron Investigations of Materials
• Laser Shock Peening for Improved Damage Tolerance of Aerospace Structures
• Development of a Client Server System for full automatic instrument calibration of a diffractometer for residual stress
• Surface-based characterisation techniques for creep deformation and damage
• Reliable Measurement of Residual Stresses in Dissimilar Welds
• Weld residual stress profiles for structural integrity assessment
• Issues Affecting the Reliable Measurement of Residual Stresses in Weldments by Neutron Diffraction
• Measurement of residual stresses in complex welded components
• Stress and Damage Evolution in Materials for Ultra-Supercritical Power Plant
• Digital Image Correlation to High Temperature Welds
• Residual Stress in Materials for Nuclear Power Generation
• The Development of Principles for the Contour Method of Residual Stress Measurement
• Mechanical Properties of Oxide Dispersion Strengthened

You may also check the Michigan University website for more project ideas in materials engineering neatly divided in sub-categories :

We will keep adding more topics.
Feel free to add more from your side 👍
@Yasar Arafath • 30 Jul, 2015 Hi..I am Yasar Arafath. I am doing my final year mechanical Engineering. I want to do project in the material science.. I want some ideas and topics. Analysis of fillet weld residual stresses in this topic i want ideas..what this topic content and relation and uses.. Kindly sent the abstract.. I want u r help to gain some knowledge in the material science filed. I hope u can provide me a positive reply for this mail.. Thanking you.
With regards,
A.Yasar Arafath.
@Akverma • 09 Aug, 2016 Hii I am Abhishek Verma. I want to do project on material science. So I want your help to get me an idea about the topic. The topic I have decided Is. 'mechanical properties of oxide dispersion strengthened.
Plus write to me

@Aqma • 23 Feb, 2017 Hi!
I'm a Mechanic Engineering student here, my supervisor told me to do a Mechanics of Material related fyp.
Since I have only learned basics on the said subject, I'm having a problem in finding a proper title.
What should I do?
@Celso F. Javier Jr. • 15 Sep, 2017 Hello Madame I want to ask a help.
I am taking Civil Engineering
and we will do a mini project for my City. Can you help me to do some ideas and technical works for the project thanks for helping
@parthiban a • 29 Dec, 2017 hello mam i am doing mechanical final year and i am doing final project ,i need a help for project please send the fields in mechanical final projects to my mail
@elizabeth sebastian • 22 May, 2018

Hi mam, 

I'm a 2nd year ug student in physics. I would like to know abt the development of vector tomography algorithms for 3D imaging of local crystallographic structures. Will you please help me?

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