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Mark Zuckerberg Admits, Facebook Is Making "A Bunch Of Mistakes" On Privacy

Question asked by Neha in #Coffee Room on Nov 30, 2011
Neha · Nov 30, 2011
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After a successful journey that Facebook has been through the last few years, the founder has acknowledged that it is true that some grave mistakes have been made that compromise the privacy of individuals at times. Though the basic aim with which the site was designed was the easy and efficient conversing of ideas and daily life activities amongst individuals, the fundamental goal of maintaining the private matters as “private” have not actually been met.[​IMG]

This controversy prevailed when US Federal Trade Commission accused Facebook of not guaranteeing complete privacy to individuals in making the account settings visible publicly whenever changed. The engaged engineers have taken the challenges to resolve all the prevailing disputes and have promised a way out of the existing controversial situation which will cost the company all about $100 billion.

In the new policies the users will be questioned at each stage to whether they wish publicizing their information or not. It is only after the users consent that further actions will be taken. The engineers are also engaged in designing the social network in such a way that they need to submit the privacy audits every two years for the next twenty years and any attempt of hacking or publicizing others security will be put to vain.

The basic aim also remains to make the contents as easily usable as they are presently and also to put the transparency prevail. The only changed thing will be that the users will be required to grant consent before participating in the new policies. Posted in: #Coffee Room

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