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@saurabh.dmet6178 • 10 Jan, 2013 • 1 like

hey guys ........ dis is saurabh gandhi , B.E. Marine from M.E.R.I. (MARINE ENGINEERING AND RESEARCH INSTITUTE) KOLKATA formerly known as DMET. Being a merchant navy officer, i am earning handsome salary. Presently im working wid nyk ship management singapore as 3A/E.

At present im enjoying my job as it gives me enough money n ofcourse d opportunity to explore d world as well. But when i plan fr my future , im nt comfortable with this job as i've to b away from my family for months.

So i was planning to switch ...... but m a bit confused about wht should i try for IES or MBA ......... as im not sure about the job profile after clearing ies....... n two years of break fr mba is also bothering me a lot

please suggest me ................. n also im eager to kno if i've any other opportunities

@Kaustubh Katdare • 10 Jan, 2013 • 1 like Welcome to CE, Saurabh. IES is a pretty technical job and it's a government one - so be sure you really want to get into it. Plus, the competition is going to be very tough - several thousand candidates fight for a handful of seats from all over India. I don't have information about the kind of job profiles IES gets but I *think* an IES would get appointed as a sub-divisional engineer in government run companies (that work in the engineering domain).

MBA is a different story - and is likely to take you away from the technical field. You might go for the executive MBA, which is one year course offered by several leading renowned institutes in India, including the IIMs. I'd highly recommend the 1 year MBA course offered by the Indian School Of Business (ISB) Hyderabad - the jobs offered to the candidates are super awesome.

The first step would be to decide whether you wish to opt for MBA or IES - and the answer can come from whether you wish to remain in the technical field or make a career in the management field.

Regarding other opportunities - there are several; but I'd recommend looking for domains that are in sync with your likes & interests.

PS: You might just make a career as a blogger that writes information for those who wish to take up marine engineering & jobs! 😀
@Satyajeet Chouhan • 07 Nov, 2015 • 1 like Hello kaustubh sir ,
Can u plz share more information on executive MBA. I have heard that the colleges that offer executive MBA have a requirement of exactly 2 hrs of work experience.Plus we being marine engineers are clueless as to which company will hire us because executive MBA helps you get a good management level job in your earlier experienced field.
So plz guide us as to how an Executive MBA will help us.
Regards ,
@Reynold Doss • 23 Mar, 2016 • 1 like My son has completed his B.Tech Marine Engg. He intends to change his branch and join M.Tech (Machine Design.) Is he eligible, please guide me.

@Bala Venkat • 29 Jan, 2020 • 1 like

I think there should be some relation in the branch you have studied during your B. Tech. course, for you to take M. Tech. course in that field. If anyone has chosen a unique career option like Marine Engineering why not pursue higher education in fields of specialisation in that. The four technical alternative career options after B.Tech Marine Engineering include -

  1. Master of Technology in Air Armament
  2. Master of Technology in Gas Turbine Technology
  3. Master of Technology in Laser & Electro Optics
  4. Master of Technology in Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture

Apart from these courses, B.Tech marine engineers are also eligible for SSC-CGL i.e. Staff Selection Commission – Combined Graduate Level. It’s a graduate level examination conducted by SSC. Through this examination, you can get jobs in various department like Income Tax, Excise, Custom, Ministry etc.

You can also go for MBA option. MBA in Logistics seems like a related field for marine engineers.

@Swarup Pan • 29 Jan, 2020 • 1 like

As you know the exam pattern for MBA is set to filter out the engineering background students as much as possible, though max no of engineering students crack the top notch MBA exams every year.

MBA is a very promising option if you have the patience, perseverance and strong determination towards your goal.

IES is also the same. UPSC is also a promising option in my words.

Its completely your choice. All the best pal.


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