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@Dhananjay Harkare • 01 Feb, 2014
‘Can magnet with only one pole exist?’ is the question that can now be answered with a yes. Physicists have successfully synthesized a magnetic particle having only North Pole allowing to explore its mysterious properties. In 1931, Paul Dirac, one of the founders of quantum physics, predicted the existence of mono-pole. The recent discovery have given life to his theory and experiments. Researchers at Amherst College in Massachusetts and Aalto University in Finland managed to simulate the behavior in an ultra-cold material that resembles the magnetic system.

Naturally, North and South poles coexist. Even if a bar magnet is cut into half, two magnets are created each with North and South poles rather than separating two poles. On the other hand electrostatic charges-positive and negative charge can exist independently. Scientists created this mono-pole with the help of one highly cooled rubidium atom and an electron and by changing the alignment of other rubidium atoms. All of these atoms look like a tiny compass needle pointing to a slightly different way. Researchers then photographed the electron interacting with magnetic field.

The work can be categorized as quantum simulation-a research field which uses quantum system to model another which is more difficult to study. Co-author of the paper said that the mono-pole is the closest to the real deal because the structure is identical to that of Dirac mono-pole. However what is claimed is not agreed by all physicists. Steven Bramwell, physicist at University College, London said that the experiment is impressive but what it discovered is not Dirac mono-pole in the way many people might understand it. The discovery of magnetic mono-pole in nature would provide evidence to prove many theories in physics. The latest experiment doesn't prove that mono-poles exist outside labs, it could help physicists to know what to look for in nature.

@ahmed sarfraz • 20 Feb, 2014 This is bull crap. There is no way that a mono-pole exist. Every magnet has a pole. This is what makes it a magnet. Even if there exist a mono-pole, it can not be treated as a magnetic pole. A mono-pole is nothing but a charged particle that can either attract or repel. But this pole just do one thing. Regarding Dirac you guys can refer to

I am sorry for my words but what has happened to the scientists who made this conclusion. 😛 😛 😛 😛
@Dhananjay Harkare • 20 Feb, 2014 • 1 like It's not you or me who decide whether magnet with one pole exist or not. Scientists based on their research claim to have created one. Also it would be wrong to say that single-poled magnet "can not" exist.
@ahmed sarfraz • 21 Feb, 2014 Your mother's eye. Magnet is always decided on basis of two poles.
@Dhananjay Harkare • 21 Feb, 2014 • 2 likes Well, first of all, good morning! You must haven't read anything from above. There have been cases where researchers experimenting with one-poled magnetic material in existence. Seems like you're not comfortable calling it a "magnet". Go with your nomenclature then!
@Sunil Singh • 21 Feb, 2014 • 1 like When I learnt properties of magnet .....I always thought (as most of us do) can a magnet exist wid only one pole...?? Finally It seems this research can prove the existence of magnet wid a single pole..which is great....and an answer to many queries regarding this concept...!!!
@ahmed sarfraz • 21 Feb, 2014 Yes, the correct thing is 'a charged particle' not a 'magnetic particle'. these may be 'quarks' or may be something like 'gravitons' but not magnets.

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