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Low Cost Alternative to NI DAQ

Project Abstract / Summary : To design a low cost alternative to National Instruments Data Acquisition Card for measurement of electrical or physical phenomenon such as voltage , current or temperature with a computer. The traditional data acquisition instruments present in the market are quite costly which can easily be replaced. DAQ cards find its application in various industrial as well as laboratory experiments.
The above system is integrated with ESP module which can be used to collect data from the sensors and store it in servers which can be later analysed and modified.
The physical data from the environment is sensed by the Analog sensors which is conditioned and fed into the microcontroller (Arduino/AVR/PIC). The signal is further sampled and displayed in graphical form using LabVIEW. Simultaneously Arduino is interfaced with ESP8266 module which will logged in the data to a web server.
This DAQ card provides simultaneous sampling of data with a sampling rate of 1KHz.

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : Data Acquisition device are quite often used in college projects as well as various industries. Daq device developed by National Instruments cost around 40,000/- and can extend upto 75k which are not easily affordable by people. These devices can easily be replaced by the above employed method in applications where precision and accuracy is not of much priority. The produced sampling rate is sufficient for College projects and industrial applications. Thus a low cost DAQ device needs to be developed.

Project Highlights : The project caters to the need of college students as well as industrial applications where cost investment is of major concern. This project once developed and launched in the market could be widely used in all domains where data acquisition is required. This project has the capacity to compete with other high end DAQ devices.

Project Category : Electrical / Electronics / Communication
Institute/College Name: Manipal Institute of Technology
City: Manipal
State: Karnataka
Participating Team From: Final Year

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