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Liftering, its physical significance

Question asked by pratap singh, upendra in #Coffee Room on Aug 3, 2015
pratap singh, upendra
pratap singh, upendra · Aug 3, 2015
Rank C2 - EXPERT
What is the physical significance of liftering done to an analog signal (particularly an audio signal)?

What is its role pertaining to MFCC feature extraction process? Posted in: #Coffee Room
Sindhu Chowdary
Sindhu Chowdary · Aug 3, 2015
Rank C2 - EXPERT
MFCC is a feature used in Automatic Speech Recognition.To understand the liftering concept , first you need to understand the concept of Cepstral Analysis.

Speech is a mixture of vocal tract and input exitation.Liftering is a method used to separate the vocal tract and the excitation sequence in the frequency domain.You can say that Liftering is somewhat similar to filtering in frequency domain. In filtering , normally we multiply the whole spectrum with a desired rectangular window. Simialrly in liftering also

But your question is far too wide to answer exactly. Refer to the links below.Hope they might be helpful for you to understand.



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