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rick • Jun 30, 2006

Let us have Articles section

Hi there !

I suggest that we should have an articles section on our beloved forum. It could become a part of General Discussions.

I got this idea because I read Sam's latest article on the portal and its cool. Won't it be nice if our CEans could post comments or ask questions related to the article.

What do you think, CEans?

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jun 30, 2006
about articles section

Hey rick !

Articles section is a good idea. However, the initial idea was to create a separate section for article archives on the front page itself.

However the thread is open for discussion. Let's see what everyone feels.

-The Big K-
Jerry • Jul 1, 2006
Hey rick !

Articles section is a good idea. However, the initial idea was to create a separate section for article archives on the front page itself.

However the thread is open for discussion. Let's see what everyone feels.

-The Big K-
I agree with big K. I think it is too early for us to have articles section. Let us have more articles. The section can wait.

If I remember, we can have comments for each article on the page itself. It would be better to have a separate section for articles.

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jul 4, 2006
waiting for replies

The disadvantage of having not-so-many active users is that it becomes difficult to decide what CEans want on forums. As we are in no hurry to introduce a new section on our index page or a sub-forum, we'll keep this thread open for few more years.

Let's hope that people really shout their opinion.

-The Big K-
aashima • Jul 7, 2006

even i wud suggest the section can wait... forums are not as happening as required... let them grow first then we can think abt the section... we still need more active members.... let us be fulfilled with them first .....
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Aug 23, 2006

Jumped into an old thread 😁 . Right now, we have 'CE-Common Sense' section on our main page. We'll have an article archive on our main page soon.

-The Big K-
xheavenlyx • Oct 3, 2006
Initially anyone who wants to post articles can post them in a new thread with the titile as "Article: "

Then later on when we have enuf articles, all the previous ones can be taken from various posts and put up in that section. Its even easier to find like this.

Simply, dont forget to put the word 'Article' on your main title.

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Oct 3, 2006
We introduced CE - Article Archive on our main portal. Sure we can have an articles section on the forum too.

That way, we will have a thread dedicated to each article & related discussions. Now, does it make sense to have two article sections : Each Dedicated to Technical Discussions & General Discussions?

Or do we need only one Articles section to take care of all articles and related discussions?

-The Big K-
Article: is a fantastic suggestion ! 😀 Let us have it as a rule. What say CEans?
xheavenlyx • Oct 4, 2006
Firstly, How can we post Articles on the main articles section?

Secondly, How do we coment on an existing article? I could find 'post your replies' in just one article.

Well, for a dedicated forum just for Articles, yes we should have one. However, for now it can wait.

Now we need articles 😀

Start writing CEns, get a move on guys! or well, if you find a realllyyy good article from another website, post it , BUT with the link to the main AND the original writers name. Never forget that!

(is this ok Big K?)

Ill be doing that as an example soon.

P.S: Big_K what do you think about the Quick reply option at the end of each forum. Opening a new window takes time. Just want to know if its possible. Ive seen that in some forums i had joined previously.
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Oct 4, 2006
xheavenlyx , you seem to be an experienced forum user 😁

Of course, we need to respect the author of article. So if we must copy-paste the content, we must include a link to the original article as well as the Author name in the post.

But consider this: We coming up with our own articles! Get rid of the mental block that we suck at writing articles. I believe everyone can be a good writer. If you are still afraid of posting your article, get in touch with one of the CEan and work on the article together as a team. It will be fun and a good experience!

Of course, these are my thoughts. What do you say, CEans?

-The Big K-
:sshhh: sssh! That is one (of the) feature(s) which will be introduced on CrazyEngineers day ( 26th November )!
xheavenlyx • Oct 4, 2006
Lol, thats good, its very handy. You can edit out the P.S now ;-)

Anyway, I did join a few forums sometime ago but one of the most eye catching site was ! Just check it out.

We should write more articles, im thinking of one but it will take a while since Ive joined my college a month late. (BITS Pilani Dubai Campus, UAE)

So guys, please get on with writing something, it shouldnt be perfect, just get started. Thats what we all are here for. To help and comment too 😁

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