Let us all brainstorm together on this situation

Let me explain you the scenario

Consider this situaltion and put your thoughts on it

let's say a barbor shop, next door is the grocery store and beside it is the fish market.

They all love a particular application of mine and want to use it, So each installs a separate instance of my application for their business. Everyone is happy. Then comes along me. I am providing my application as a service. Rather than having to install three separate instances, and manage them separately.Separate web site, database, etc. I would like to have one installation, but be able to service all 3 businesses within the same installation. So that when I upgrade, or customize I do not have to upgrade every instance independently.

Suggest some ways to solve this problem

I have one solution , but will only disclose it after getting your solution what you think how can it be solved

PS :- Please think out of the box for the solution , I have also some solution to biggie's problem in this situation to avoid heavy peak loads in solution to this situation


  • Rupam Das
    Rupam Das
    Use Web services. Simple and Efficiency. Write XML based service and separate the business logic. The develop the front end which could be a Webpage or a Stand alone software like .Net or Java based. Both can call the services. A better way to Do.

    We have provided solutions to many Police departments in karnataka and I find it very efficient. For Load balancing I use SQL tuning.
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    I think it depends entirely on the nature of application. There would be two possible scenarios; based on what you've mentioned -
    1. Your customers subscribe to *one* service which has customized components to suit individual needs.
    2. Your offer different, customized services which are independent of each other but hosted on the same server (hardware).
    The part that is not clear to me is about your installations - which one are you talking about (from above two)? I know a startup company that offers something similar to their customers. They've ONE accounting service that can be customized for different logins. The basic functionality is the same, but they have customized components which are enabled/disabled for every customer.
    By the way - load balancing is for the high traffic or heavy-duty websites. Is that one of the problems?

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