• For wannabe Entrepreneurs, it is a wonderful thought to receive all the funding which they want. It is through Kickstarter where you can make your dreams come true, provided you are an innovator! The concept being called "crowd funding"-An innovative though, need to say "Hat's off".
    With Kickstarter, there are around 45% people who are just able to secure the funds or exceed expectations for their goal. One of them is a young start-up TouchFire. Of course the company is new, the idea goes slightly to the period of 1990s when the world especially Europe, America and other few countries were advancing in computers. That's when a software engineer conjured the idea of a device similar to iPad. Although the one which Steve Isaac had in mind is much primitive than the present, he appreciates the way when people like the current generations computing devices.
    There is nevertheless a difficulty associated with today’s iPads. iPads are not very ideal devices when it comes to typing things down. That is where Steve had planned something for his start-up. Teaming up with an industrial engineer named Brad Melmon; Isaac has conceived what we can call as a helpmate for the typing enthusiasts. The product which Melmon and Isaac plan to sell is a thin silicon keyboard which can be spread on a device with touch screen capabilities. The project is nothing less than 'interesting', but Isaac and Melmon were in want of $10000 funds. Here they used Kickstarter for their business.

    For getting funds through Kickstarter all you need is a creative mind with an awesome project. To get started with the fund raiser you have to decide a limit (for want of a better word "Target" and a "Dead Line") and then just start off with campaigning. Once people pledge to help you and the amount which they promise is up to or more than expectations, you get the money; with Kickstart claiming 5% of the donations.

    It isn't even that the investors don't get anything. They can receive benefits which the start-up owner provides to meet the deadline with the monetary goal he has set. This is more usually the services, experience or gifts given by the owner.

    As for TouchFire, they have got benefited by the scheme, Have you?
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