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John Deere technical interview preparation help

Question asked by Aparna Ramesh in #Coffee Room on Dec 7, 2018
Aparna Ramesh
Aparna Ramesh · Dec 7, 2018

I have John Deere technical interview in a couple of days, on what areas do I  need to concentrate? My branch is Mechatronics.

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Radhika Deshpande
Radhika Deshpande · Dec 7, 2018
Rank B2 - LEADER

Hi @Aparna Ramesh ,Welcome to CrazyEngineers. 

As a mechanical engineer you can prepare topics such as -

1. Mechanics of Material / Engine engineering / Design related 

 2. Automotive trends from the view of an auto enthusiast 

3. Mechatronics systems design in different products such as Washing machine. Microwave etc.

4 .Comparisons between plain Mechanical devices verses simplified mechatronics devices.

5. Design stages in Mechanotronics

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