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shinkar uday
shinkar uday • Sep 4, 2008

Java Based Projects

I'm a JAVA programming student and looking forward to some Java Based Projects for submission to our college projects. Anyone with creative ideas?
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Sep 4, 2008
Develop sudoku in Java.
anuragh27crony • Sep 5, 2008
This is some odd question...Any Project can be done in Java...
The question is Generic.....try to be More specific dude
vin • Feb 24, 2009
hey me need networkin based project in java

help me if u can

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Feb 24, 2009
hey me need networkin based project in java

help me if u can

Sure. What help do you need?
shalini_goel14 • Feb 25, 2009
hey me need networkin based project in java

help me if u can

Can you tell us what you know about networking? I mean your specific area of interest in it. One more important thing we cannot give you project here Sorry 😔 but we can suggest ideas and help you in making it true.
And Yes it will not be possible without your replies. OK 😀
felixalexander • Mar 3, 2009
thanks for ur info and tell me more about this

akkumon • Sep 24, 2009
Its a vast area of java games for mobile phone try one
aman222 • Jun 29, 2010
i am started making route reservation in internetworks i got the codes from net.........i execute that but Non reservation is not working.......and reservation based data transfer frame is working first of all it has a bat file of Reservation based server .....i invok that and i did not connect my system to any network further i send file to some random destination still it gives me result i.e the transmit time ......i dont know how it works me in that plzzzz
shethchaitali • Jul 23, 2010
hey i need some latest projects in java . can u mail me on with it source code please . i need it urgently
hemam • Aug 17, 2010
i need some latest projects n java....wid some ideas wid some codes......and even i dnt ve any ideas abt projects..plz tel me abt some networkin based on java...plez can u mail me on
rajeah • Dec 13, 2010
i like to get java projects and i like networking😁
buddy do you wanna buy projects or want some idea or need some help?
Please make it clear
Dineshyokesh • Jul 4, 2011
i want source code for this project urgently..................................
Dineshyokesh • Jul 4, 2011
hey i want Route Reservation in Inter networks .............documentation and coding IN JAVA...............and how it works..if u got can u main me on ...........I NEED IT URGENTLY PLZ...............

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