its raining in mumbai...part II

....continued from part I

So it was my meeting with the great shashi kapoor,which was the first thing to hit me. I was roaming in juhu,when i thought of visiting Prithvi Theatre, me being one of thousands of those idiots who irrespective of having a respected job, always have there one mind over such things. I dream, and dreaming is no crime, i would keep on dreaming, infact that would also be no crime. I entered the prithvi theatres, and i could see Shashi kapoor, sitting in a porch , in front of me. To be frank, i do not believe in idol worship, but i was left completely awestruck,for someone who had that uncanny ability to leave people dumbstruck with his effortless acts in front of the camera and his distinct dialogue delivery " bhai...tum sign karoge ya nahi...", not exagerrating , but in a span of 30 sec, i could very well recollect all the movies i would have seen of the legend.I was both excited and nervous, whehter should go to him,should i talk to him,what would he feel, and several other questions. I gave a call to my brother and father, that the man was just in front of me, and i am going to say my nervous hello to him. I mustered all my courage, and went to him.
I introduced myself as someone from infosys and the next questions he asks, " oh..u mean infosys theatre".And i could realise his passion for theatres, i said i was interested in theatres and pursue it as a hobby, and his next words were to be the lesson of a lifetime. "This is no hobby, it is a full time profession", i guess that works well with any profession, leave asided theatres.I asked me if was disturbing his privacy, and his next few words are due on me,"if u have any question to ask me,then say...", i didnot have that time, but i promised myself, i will soon have one, and pray to god, that i reach that status soon, to come to talking terms with the man, and before that, neither of us leave this world, for i am not sure of the life of the old man, and i cant predict about my own life.A woman was still braving the rains, and i wondered what was she doing in a night gown under an umbrella, which was of no practical use that very night. A string of buses passed by, and she was observing driver's of each bus very carefully, i realised she was least interested in travelling anywhere. And then came the bus, she was looking for, she went in and came back, all in few seconds, only thing, she didnt have the tiffin box she was carrying, it was for his husband, who was to carry on his duty giving a damn to the weather changes. And i had the first smile of the night.
The second was soon to come. For the next thing i saw was again a couple, lady wearing a burqa, on a motorcycle, and giving a similar kiss wearing the burqa, and then waving her hand to part away. But the wind was too strong for her, and she had to loose control of the umbrella, and it went miles away, but our hero, defying the rains, speeded up at about 60 , fethced the umbrella back and was to leave, when the burqa unveiled. A pretty face was to hold the imaganiation of everyone at the bus stop,as she broke her limits and their lips locked,only morning i had seen another couple giving a kiss wearing a burqa,fearing the dreaded society and thinking about several questions which might have come her way, and somehow i feel they were the same couple, just this time, their passion and love knew know bounds this time, and they were ready to face the challenges ahead. 2 hours at the bus stop and that was enough.
I decided to ride away in the heavy rains and the blistering winds. It was a bit dangerous, but that is something for what a 180 cc bike is made for. And it didnt disappoint me. I reached my brothers place at about 9:30 and could come to realisation of two things:
1. On a given rainy day, it takes around 4 hours to reach from santacruj to vashi, terms and condtions applied
2. to hell with the mileage, a 180 cc is strong enough to give it back to rains and face the winds.
It was a long while since i had met my girlfriend in mumbai. Somehow or other,it just didnt happen and we had decided to catch up each other this sunday. She always used to cringe about me being late all the time and this time i had decided not be late and reached the place 10 mins before. But even after repeated calls she was not to come, and it might have been the end of all this. I guess the wait was just not worth it. i was to do some shopping, a winsheeter, a sandal and a short. But even after roaming around for about 2 hours, i could only buy a short, may be still i need to gain a lot of maturity,to come out of this middle class mentality a be a spend threft. this was a sequence of incomplete events for me but i will have all my answers in this life or the next.
I came back to the guest house. Water level had again risen up and the roads were inaccessible. The rain has started again, but i was not to complain. That just gave me the chance to romance this laptop and write something after a long long time.
Might be, this was that something, i had to tell in pretext of the mumbai rains.It still raining in mumbai, and this is something which you people do know.


  • M.Malik
    thank you for writing that.

    I left mumbai when i was little. Have a few memories. Esp. of the rain. I'm now in America. So different. Your writings stirred my recollections.

  • crook
    Indeed, it is a nice writeup. Looking forward to more... writeups, not rain 😁 😁

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