ISRO GSLV-D5 / GSAT-14 Launch : Live Updates

ISRO is all set for the GSLV-D5 / GSAT-14 satellite launch. After two successive failures, success of this mission is very critical for ISRO's engineers. All eyes are set on the spaceport at Sriharikota in AP; which is the launchpad for ISRO's ambitious satellite program. All the major checkups have been done and the launch team is ensuring that there are no last minute surprises. If everything goes as planned, the GSAT-14 should take its leap of faith at about 4:18 PM, IST. The 29 hour countdown for the launch has already began.

ISRO had experienced failures in 2010 and in 2013. The last attempt made on August 19, 2013 failed because of the last minute leakage of liquid fuel from the stage-II of the rocket. ISRO's spent about Rs. 356 crore on the mission and its success will prove the usability of the cryogenic engines and put the communication satellite GSAT-14 in its desired orbit. It will also make India among the 6 nations who have the technology viz. USA, USSR, France, China & Japan.


Cryogenic rocket engines use cryogenic fuel or oxidiser in gaseous form, stored at very low temperatures. These engines offer more thrust to the rocket per kg of the fuel burnt. The fuels are environment friendly because they give out water while burning.

The GSAT-14 is a communication satellite and 23rd satellite built by ISRO. Once in its orbit, it will be in the company of 9 of India's operational geostationary satellites. The satellite will augment the in-orbit capacity of Extended C & Ku-band transponders and also provide for a platform for new experiments to be performed viz. fiber optic gyro, active pixel Sun sensor, Ka band beacon propagation studies and thermal control coating.

Here's an animated representation of the flight:-

As of writing this post, the official updates about the mission from ISRO are as follows:-
  • Propellant filling operation of GSLV-D5 Cryo Stage is in progress. Chilling and filling of Liquid Hydrogen (LH2) into Cryo Stage is in progress
  • Propellant filling operation of GSLV-D5 Cryo Stage has commenced at 11:42 hrs (IST). Chilling and filling of Liquid Oxygen (LOX) into Cryo Stage is in progress
  • Preparations for Propellant filling operation of GSLV-D5 Cryo Stage is under progress
  • Propellant filling operation of GSLV-D5 Strap Ons is completed

Check the live webcast of the launch here: #-Link-Snipped-#


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Update: The launch is just a few minutes away.

    Mission Director GSLV-D5/GSAT-14 mission has authorised Vehicle Director at 15:59 hrs (IST) for launch
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare

    • GSLV-D5 lift off normal
    • Automatic Launch Sequence (ALS) program started at 16:06 hrs (IST)
  • Rajni Jain
    Rajni Jain
    • GSLV-D5 lift off normal
    • Automatic Launch Sequence (ALS) program started at 16:06 hrs (IST)
    ISRO's large rocket "Geo-synchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle" - GSLV lifts off successfully from Sriharikota. This is one of the most important milestone for Indian Scientist.

    Congratulations all the CEan's and Engineers, I am Excited. Are you?
  • lovebox
    A great achievement. Years of efforts in to building the indigenous cryogenic upper stage finally paid off with the success of this launch.
    Congratulations to all the CEans and the ISRO team.

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