22 Jun 2018

is there be any problem in getting jobs as I change the course from ECE to civil engineering?

I am David Basnett, I have done my diploma in electronics  & communication engineering and I just completed my BTech in civil engineering.
is it valid for getting civil engineering jobs? and if the interviewer asked me "why did you change the course?" then what is the best answer I should give.
please help me...

22 Jun 2018

ECE is getting crowded. A diploma alone may not get you very far.

With growing population, urbanization and industrial growth Civil engineering for all sorts of infrastructure development is assuming greater importance. Areas like Air ports, Sea ports, bridges water management are all needing technical inputs.

You may also be able to use your background in ECE creatively to integrate appropriate ECE components in Civil works.

25 Jun 2018

Thank you for your suggestions.

I also want to know that how I can use my ECE creatively to integrate appropriate ECE components in Civil works other than mentioned above?

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