Is there a urgent need in reforming Exam pattern/method ?

Hi CEans, we had a lot of discussions on the reformation of present education system but more than that there is a urgent need in reformation of Present Exam system. I watched a debate show in Vijay TV Neeya Naana where the students described how far they have been mentally tortured and different causes for this present scenario has been discussed. The three main causes discussed were




These three causes more pressure on the students and leads to many problems in student life. Parents main problem is that they use the childs score card to showcase their status before their relatives and they want their children to attain the dream whichwas not attained by them.They want their children to be living a good life. Secondly, Teachers play a main role in ruining the students life(Many would not accept the fact) but the truth is that the pressure over the teachers by Institution in demanding 100% result and pass makes them to put more pressure over the students.Thirdly , Society is a invisible main cause to all these problems. We all come under society and we tend to fear for them and this leads to destruction of childs students life.

Possible solutions:

The chief guest who decorated the show was an IAS officer and he explained it in a great manner that the Exam was created only for the assessment and it has been changed as an entry ticket to higher studies and this had made the 10th and +12 examination more vulnerable.There should be a continuous assessment of students performance and it should not affect the students carreer by acting as a entry ticket to UG. If there is a class and there are about 40 students , they all cannot score 1st rank . So parents should understand childs ability and understand them.Can restricting the students from watching the TV , sports, friends, etc ake them study well and score well?

IS there a urgent need in reformation of Exam pattern and Exam system?


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    This topic has been discussed several times on CE in different forms. Please make a search on the site before starting a new discussion.
  • yogi.bharadwaj
    Kaustubh Katdare
    This topic has been discussed several times on CE in different forms. Please make a search on the site before starting a new discussion.
    yes u r right people should have to search before to post such things.

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