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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Dec 6, 2013

Is solar energy the only source of energy in space?

Can someone throw light on what kind of energy sources are available for spaceships, satellites and rovers? I'm yet to hear about nuclear energy powered spaceships or robots. It looks like Solar energy is the only and reliable source of energy in space.

But it too has its own limitations. As we move far away from the Sun, the energy that can be captured from Sun rays will be very limited. If in future, we want to move to other galaxies, what kind of power / energy source would be reliable?
Nayan Goenka
Nayan Goenka • Dec 6, 2013
Solar energy is something will never wear out. If we exit our solar system, we would be closer to other stars, that will give energy. Nuclear power is already under development. I dont remember where but i read about it. We also have sound and EM radiations. We can have surface harvesting of radiations for energy. So maybe sun is not directly throwing light on u, its warm out there
zaveri • Dec 6, 2013
Besides the sun , there will surely be some other heavenly body in some other galaxy, which may serve as a source of energy in the form of radiations or so.

after all there are millions of planets, and heavenly bodies in the universe, and none of us have the complete knowledge about them.
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Dec 6, 2013
You can't be very reliable on other 'Suns' in the space because the distances are in lightyears! Maybe someone can tell us what are the energy requirements of a typical space explorer when it's freely moving.
The problem is not when the ship is in free fall. A small nuclear power plant could supply the on board energy needs. It is the propulsion energy for interstellar travel that is the problem. We have to remember that space is mostly vacuum with stars few and far between. Radiant energy is not an interstellar propulsion option. I am afraid that it has to be nuclear.

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