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Is Roger Federer is the best tennis player in the modern era?

After winning the illusive French open, Roger Fedrer completed the carrer slam. He now had all 4 grand slams in his kitty, also he shares the record of highest number of grand slams (14) with the greats like Pete Sampras.

All the other 5 greats who owned the career slams or even we want to discuss, Sampras/Boris Backer... all the tennis greats had specific power shot in their kitty. That specific shot helped them in winning over the years. Be it the power services of Sampras or Killing service returns of Agasi, everybody had their trademark shot.

Fedrer!!! he has all the shots in his kitty, cool service, killing returns, winners, base line, drop shots... everything.

Now, do you CEan's think that Roger Federer is the best tennis player of the modern era?

raj87verma88 • Jun 8, 2009
It is said that Roger Federer is the Greatest player to wield a Tennis Racquet.
I dont think so RF(Roger Federer) is the greatest I still remember last year he broke down after loosing to Rafeal Nadal in roland garros something which is not a sign of a true champion and he till seems to struggle on clay!!!
We should not judge people seeing one match πŸ˜€

My opinion... Roger is Best!!!
@E-S: but we should not also judge since he won highest no of grandslams
raj87verma88 • Jun 8, 2009
Cassius Clay or Mohammad Ali the greatest Boxer of all times did not win all his fights. He lost his crown and then came back to win it. Rocky Marciano is not considered the greatest though he never lost. He is a boxing great.
Pete Sampras could never win the French Open.
Federer's breaking down showed how much he cared to win the French Open and still it had eluded him.
If we take the number of points he had when he was #1 and the time period for which he stayed at that position. He is the greatest because no one can boast of such high points. Also his 14th Grand Slam came in 40 tries. Whereas Pete did it in 52. If we take the total number of slams won in a streak, he has no match in the men's section.

A person is not brave if he doesn't know the meaning of fear. A truly brave person is one who has known and experienced fear and has conquered it.
@E-S: but we should not also judge since he won highest no of grandslams
@Saurav: Dude , if a person winning many matches and reaching final and getting the Cup is not one match correct?

He wept in only one match , since it was his goal to reach and when he missed it he felt bad and he didnt control his emotions.
Afterall he is a human rite? that happened in only one match !!
But winning 14 titles is winning all the matches in the tour so we can consider on it.
Thats true,but what example he is setting is also important,although he apolosized later for his breaking down in public,which indicates he also knew his action is not acceptable and was not acknowledging his opponent who won that day!!
raj87verma88 • Jun 8, 2009
The greatest boxer never ever acknowledged his opponent save once.
@ saurav - He is a human being; who generally has a disease called emotions.

One thing which is against him that there are comparatively less competition in Roger's time. At the time of Sampras he used to fight with Baker/Agassi/philiposis/Goran ivansavich/Chang....

For Roger.. there's only one challenge Rafal.

-Still my vote goes to fedrer...

raj87verma88 • Jun 8, 2009
No CB, the challenge is there but compared to Federer it doesn't look that great.
Because if we take that logic then Don Bradman should not be considered as the greatest Batsman as there was not much competition in balling compared to the time when the Big 4 of West Indies played.
Ozymandias • Jun 8, 2009
@Saurav: Dude , if a person winning many matches and reaching final and getting the Cup is not one match correct?

He wept in only one match , since it was his goal to reach and when he missed it he felt bad and he didnt control his emotions.
Afterall he is a human rite? that happened in only one match !!
But winning 14 titles is winning all the matches in the tour so we can consider on it.
Great said, man !
Dear Saurav, I think this guy is putting up a great point, the human side of the players also needs to be taken care of by none else but the audience, because they are the ones who are being entertained by the players.
MaRo • Jun 8, 2009
How do they even consider tennis as a sport
How do they even consider tennis as a sport
Didn't get you, buddy?

raj87verma88 • Jun 8, 2009
Why are you always so sarcastic MaRo? You hate google and firefox. You think Tennis is not a sport. Except Opera I have never heard you say that you like something. Man, what do you like?
looking at federer,he can be greatest player of modern times but not of era has he has faced minimum competetion compared to other great players and he still had to hit the rock and fight back he havent been tested completely yet.

@maro : team sports are always more exiting than individula sports
Its not his fault that he don't have competiion. Do you think Hewitt, Nadal, Murray, Rodick ...are worthless. There is competition but fedrer made them looks very normal player.

PS: Exclude NADAl, Fedrer had a bad luck against him.

Waiting for Wimbeldon, lets see if fedrer can make another record of highest slams (nadal is injured and not playing 😁 lucky fedrer?)

My fav tennis player is Nadal.. high energy, speed, strength and fights to return the ball. However, at this present time.. Federer will always be considered the better player. That guy is seriously a terminator.. barely breaks a sweat. His stamina and precision is incredible. Don't look at the scores to judge.. just watch how he plays! Perhaps he is a little past his prime, but when he is at his "best".. its almost sublime, no one can beat him. Its no fluke that he was consistently No 1 for FIVE years (with a large gap over his closest rivals at that).

Nadal still has potential to overtake the "best" of Federer.. he is still young after all. But FedEx will still a threat to him as long as FedEx remains in top three. We'll see how it goes.. if Nadal can secure his number 1 ranking for a few more years.

Whatever it is, its great to see the camaraderie and respect between these two players πŸ˜€
Red Hawk
Red Hawk • Jun 16, 2009
Everyone has his own time guys.. Though federer won the great french open this time and wears all the time a crown for " KING OF GRASS ", my vote goes to Nadal.. Its not that easy to dethrone a 237 week no.1 player.. According to me both are equally talented but Nadal has 1 or 2 % persistance and perseverence higher than Fed..
Agreed, Nadal and Federer are top players but Federer is yet to win an Olympic gold and he dont have much control on clay as Nadal has control over grass,and Nadal has exposed Federer's weakness and am sure he will do it again!!
Fedrer is crusing towards making a history.. Maximum number of single titles in Men's Tennis...
veena912 • Jun 25, 2009
one of the greatest achievement of roger is winning wimbeldon 5 times successively though some people may say that bjorn borg has done it already before , the competitors are not much 4 him, and one thing you have to remember federer stromed in to quater finals of 2001 wimbeldon only after ducking out pete samprass so pete or any other player is in no match to fedie. FOR ME FEDIE IS LIKE A GOD
Another star under Fedrer's belt... he won the Wimbledon Final by beating Andy Rodick. Now he holds the maximum Men's single slam under his belt.

Truly one of the best player of open era Tennis.

silverscorpion • Jul 5, 2009
Hail Federer!! πŸ˜€
cranky • Jul 6, 2009
GREAT Players may come,players may go,but only some are remembered and respected.Federer is one among them😁😁

Deserves what he is and the best part is modesty at such a level😁
gopi.india • Jul 6, 2009
I got only 5 words for him..." That guy knows his job.."
cowboy • Jul 27, 2009
No i give with nadal.
anandgg • Aug 17, 2009
Yeah no doubt in it he is a real champ...........
he proved it...............
justaglance • Aug 17, 2009
I do agree Roger is one of the best tennis player. I like the way he plays ;-)

My vote to Roger πŸ˜€
Paritosh222 • Aug 20, 2009
dude roger is bess kneessssssssss
gohm • Aug 20, 2009
I would not have chosen any of those. I guess by modern era we mean just the last decade or two?
I guess 4 of those players (Roger/ Rafal / Pete / Andre ) are from last decade only.
rajat.pradhan88 • Sep 7, 2009
I think he is the best player of the era.... yes he's also a human being and ups & downs are a part of the life... but you cannot compare his caliber on just the results of the matches... a legend is a legend.... its just because of the dedication of the man towards the sport which makes him a legend.......

Yes, he is the tennis player of the era
mac_mickey005 • Sep 8, 2009
Roger is definetely best one. his consistent game with so calm posture can motivate any sports man.
vishu445 • Sep 9, 2009
Every one is aware of the fact that an individual game is flooded with limelight n media attention but RF has very well managed to keep his Pandora's box closed😎. He has a very efficient digestive system i guess he keeps on digesting his long running success story:sshhh:. ..because of which nothing awkward has been heard (on n off court) about him.

A lot has been already said in the previous posts regarding the class, passion, diligence n dedication of his for the game of tennis.
So i would only like to add, he is not only the best tennis player but has also secured a place in elite club of best sportspersons with players like Sachin Tendulkar and Tiger Woods..

As a concluding note-

"Success stories of RF are never gonna fade,
More n more new ones are also gonna cascade."πŸ‘

savdu • Sep 12, 2009
it's not only because he wins that i like's because of his style....his grace and the ease with which he plays his's just brilliant.....and the fact that he has so many grand slams adds to the fact that he is the greatest tennis player i know.....

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